If you require a surface relief structure, Holographix can replicate it!

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Microlens Arrays

Holographix is here to support your custom microlens array requirements!

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Holographix offers customers a turnkey solution to their grating-based optical system needs!

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Optical Diffusers

Custom designed diffusers direct light where you want it!

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Wafer-Level Optics

Holographix’ replication process ensures specifications are maintained, wafer-to-wafer, and die-to die!

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Latest News & Events

  • Now Offering...

    Holographix now offers wafer-level manufacturing of custom microlens arrays and diffraction gratings for customers requiring high volume production of chip-level optical components. These high-fidelity components withstand solder reflow temperatures while maintaining sub-micron optical tolerances.

  • Custom Microlens Arrays...

    Microlens arrays are increasingly becoming an integral part of new, state-of-the-art optical systems for a wide range of applications, including medical laser systems, light-field photography, and Heads-Up Displays (HUD). At Holographix, we custom design and produce cost effective, high quality microlens arrays to customer specifications.

  • High Efficiency Transmission Gratings...

    Holographix expands its capabilities in the area of high efficiency replicated transmission gratings with the introduction of our custom designed and manufactured low stray light gratings. Recent independent testing confirms that Holographix provides a lower stray light solution compared to volume phase gratings.