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Holographic-based Scanner Technology

Holographix originally entered the market in 1985 to develop a custom scanning solutions based on our patented scanner technology (patents 4,923,262, 5,182,659, 5,270,842, and 6,288,817). Holographic scanners differ in that they have holographic gratings in place of conventional scan optics. Holographic scanners provide benefits in both cost and performance compared to conventional laser scanners. The most significant benefit is an inherently flat-field and telecentric scan line.

Other benefits include:

  • Lower motor costs due to decreased wobble and jitter sensitivity of gratings.
  • Higher through-focus performance due to telecentric scan capability.
  • Reduction in costly optical elements by recording complex power terms into gratings.
  • Achromatized systems allowing the use of inexpensive laser diode sources.
  • Low-cost, high-fidelity gratings produced using proprietary replication technology.
  • Higher motor speeds due to reduced scanner windage (i.e. turbulence).